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We’re tired of the traditional agency model. Siloed teams. Poor communication. High staff and client turnover. Our tight-knit team of digital experts deliver truly unified marketing strategies across a broad range of specialisms. Whether you’re looking for a one-off development project; an ongoing SEO program; a video to announce your new product; or a PPC campaign to drive business leads. At Flaunt Digital, we will work hard to meet your needs.

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Why Flaunt Digital?

We don’t have a client services team. We’re fast. We’re transparent. We’re experts.

Graham McDonnell

New York Times - Design Director

Flaunt Digital were selected from five suppliers to build and host a system for our team to use, their expertise and deployment process is exemplary and efficient. We are pleased to now have a permanent, on-going relationship with Flaunt and would highly recommend their services.

Yes We’re Experts. But We Want To Make You An Expert Too…

Our operating model is designed to provide you with as much strategic value as possible, putting you in the perfect position for business success.

We produce content to keep you in the loop with the latest best practices and industry updates; from optimising Google Ads campaigns to developing a full marketing strategy and everything in between.

May 23rd 2019

Video Frame Rates: What Do They All Mean?

As one of the most important technical aspects of videography, knowing the correct frame rate to use can be the difference between success and failure. In this blog post, we discuss everything you need to know about the most popular frame rates…

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May 2nd 2019

What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Flaunt?

For those of you that follow our on-site blog, you’ve probably asked yourself the question “What does Flaunt even mean?”. After years of being asked this question, we decided that it would be useful to explain the answer in detail…

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April 18th 2019

An Introduction To Amazon DSP (Amazon Advertising)

Amazon’s advertising platform has come a long way in the last few years, with many agencies and brands moving part of their budgets from Google or Facebook to Amazon. Our Media Director gives an introduction to Amazon DSP…

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